Find Out How Professional Chefs Cut Their Tomato and Onion

Slice Tomato Cutter

Nowadays, you have an option to utilize a tomato and onion slicer that can help you with an overwhelming task of cutting tomato and onion perfectly. We cannot deny that these two ingredients are somehow difficult to cut because you will need such skills to do so. Luckily, you can also master this skill yourself.

Tips to Cut Tomato and Onion Like a Pro

Both tomatoes and onions are somehow hard to cut because of its structure which is quite soft. Instead of having even and consistent slices, many find the result like a disaster because it does not have a good shape supposed to. That is why to help you cutting these two like a pro; we have put together some tips below.

Easy Tips to Cut Tomato

The easiest way to cut tomato is actually by utilizing a kind of tomato slicer that can do the work without making any mess in your kitchen. There have been a lot of products that promise excellent slice result. However, if you want to utilize your chef’s knife, here are several tips that you can take into account.

#1 Use the Back of Your Knife

It is actually possible for you to make use of a sharp chef’s knife for cutting tomatoes perfectly. However, rather than running the knife back and forth, it is recommended to start with the back blade of your knife. Utilize the back blade to slit the tomato’s skin and then execute the cut in one motion.

#2 Turn around 90 degrees

Your sharp chef’s knife can be a great tomato cutter once using in the right way. For even and consistent slices, you should consider cutting the tomatoes horizontally with your chef’s knife. In this case, make your initial slice and then put down the tomato cut side down. After that, cut it horizontally as if filleting a fish.

Easy Tips to Cut Onion

Now that you have learned some tips to cut tomatoes, let’s continue to learn a few tips to cut onions properly. When it comes to onions, there is another issue: tears! As a result, the best to cut onion is to perform it quickly and efficiently so that you can avoid the tears. Here are several tips you can follow.

#1 Prepare a sharp knife

Onion slicer can be a great tool for a quick and proper cut result. However, if you have not had any in your kitchen, you can use your chef’s knife too. Make sure that the chef’s knife you are going to use is sharp enough to execute the work. Don’t forget to prepare for a clean cutting board as well.

#2 Cut the onion properly

If you want to reduce the number of tears resulting from cutting an onion, you should cut it properly. One of the tricks to do is leaving the root side of the onion intact. It will help you to make chopping less difficult. You can consider getting an onion cutter to make it easier and quicker to cut onion.

If you’re looking for a great tomato and onion slicer, we suggest you to get the one from Arc Tomato Slicer. With this, you can get uniformly sliced tomato and onion which is great for your dish.

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